Making every bite count

16 June 2006

no hunger here

So one thing is for sure. No one is going hungry in this apartment. I have created some real culinary masterpieces since moving into my own place. Cooking is something I missed terribly when I lived in Korea and then with my mom. Last night I marinated beef in garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, cilantro, red pepper flakes and salt. To that, I added a sliced onion. Tonight I : - made rice with cilantro, hot sauce and lemon juice - sliced roma tomatoes and made a guacamole for dressing - seared the beef and caramelized the onions. With a nice bottle of red, yum. PJ was impressed. Monday night I was cranky and hungry. I finally acquired all the ingredients for my favorite pasta: alla puttanesca. anchovies, garlic, red pepper flakes, kalamata olives, capers and tomatoes. Delish! There have been other good ones: the cilantro/lime chicken with black bean-corn salsa tarragon chicken baked with white wine, jasmine rice and artichokes Korean fried rice with kimchi, tofu, tuna, lots of veggies and hot sauce Oh, I love cooking. Pj thinks it's funny that I won't eat ANYTHING from a box/can except for raw ingredients. I bought light microwave popcorn tonight, and it's the first snack food I've had in the apartment. I won't eat premade food, and I don't eat fast food unless traveling. That's what being overseas did to me. He did introduce me to my new favorite ice cream flavor: cherry cordial. Dark chocolate and maraschino cherries in sweet cherry ice cream. Divine! I usually don't eat ice cream (the whole milk aversion... for the record, yogurt and cheese good for me. milk, ice cream, stand back! Milk tastes spoiled to me because I've been drinking soymilk for six years now.) The other night we read the CIA World Factbook and ate the rest of the ice cream in bed. It was decadent. I love having quirky couple things. We read NYT online together and challenge each other with vocab words. OK, I really am tired now.

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