Making every bite count

23 August 2006

NYT prospects and un peu de fromage

Got my French-English picture dictionary tonight. Yay! Let the learning begin. I am lame. Waiting for PJ to get here so we can have dinner. I am famished. Ate crackers with baba ghanouj and cucumbers for lunch... at 1:30. I made an incredible dinner that is waiting to be eaten. I prefer to eat with good company. It feels more like real life :) Chicken marinated in beer and Dijon mustard, then coated in whole-wheat (health nut, maybe?) bread crumbs. Broccoli. Mac n cheese made with skim milk, mustard, a bit of beer and cheddar. Healthier than the usual. This is a bad meal... so fatty! But the chicken is baked, and this is the first time there has been cheese in this apartment. (oh, there was some feta once for a Greek meal... oh well.) Had a great night tonight. Walked 2 miles home and got free hummus at grocery store (Kroger card discount + coupon machine at store + double coupon day = free hummus! Lame but funny!) Had a glass of wine while waiting... might explain the post being so random. This weekend will be the second I've spent here, the first with nothing to do. I plan to do nothing. Scratch that. I plan nothing. For once in my life, I do not have any plans. And that's OK. Sigh. 5 minutes more, then I'm eating alone! My good friend Katie Gill is coming here soon. She is from Indian Hill, so she's not coming to see me. Still, it will be great to see her. I haven't seen her since before Korea, hard to believe. I love this girl. She's more gung-ho about copy editing than I am. She works for the TImes in Washington. She rocks. I have a great gift for her... a compact. She once told me that she wanted to dress and look nice as easily as I did... or something like that. I am usually a mess, so I took it as a compliment. This girl is 22 going on Buddha in terms of wisdom, I swear. Plus, she can drink. Who could ask for more? Work is going well, by the way. OK, I give up. I am going to eat. or maybe I'll wait.

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