Making every bite count

29 May 2007

sushi, how do i love thee?

Dear friend Bri introduced me to "the most perfect sushi roll in the world." The superfluous superlatives are merited here. Kyoto sushi bar is a bit far away, but the mango-spicy tuna roll is worth the drive. I used to be a sushi purist, but honestly, if it's delicious, who cares if it's not authentic? The tuna is minced with a spicy sauce and paired with mango, which is perfect with the spiciness. The sweet mango with its superbly rough texture tempers the spice of the tuna. Heaven in a mouthful. For the month of May (hurry, just a few days left), Kyoto is offering happy hour prices -- $3.50 and $4.50 a roll!
I'm introducing Fred to sushi. He claimed to not be a sushi fan, but he has liked everything we've tried!
We're either headed there or to Aqua tomorrow night. I need some sushi, stat!


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