Making every bite count

27 August 2006

Just like tiramisu

I'm usually skeptical of prepaged food and snacks. I'm even more skeptical of food items that try to taste like something it's not. Most yogurt in the States is a fifth cousin thrice removed of real yogurt. Laden with sugar and fruit, there's no tang, no texture.
Usually I prefer to buy plain yogurt and add fresh fruit to it. However, sometimes you want something sweet and yummy.
Yoplait Whips!
Some of these taste like a bad imitation of mousse created by some chemical reaction. I bought the chocolate mint last week. It just didn't sate my sweet tooth. Flat, with a sweet chocolate taste and a strange texture, it wasn't enough. I also bought a creamy latte and held out little hope for its potential. I was proved wrong! It's like tiramisu in a cup. Yum, yum, yum. At 150 calories and 4 grams of fat, it felt like a decadent treat not just moderately healthful yogurt. I want to eat a case!

In other news, I'm making focaccia.