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11 February 2007

At my mom's

My mom is into nutrition, too, and she always has great books that interest me. She has been telling me about these two for a long time, but I just started to peruse them this weekend.
SuperFoods Rx is a fabulous book. Everyone should read it.
I'm really into nutrition, especially since losing more than 30 pounds in Korea. The book doesn't really introduce anything earth-shattering, but it does provide a list of foods that provide maximize nutrients with minimum calories.
The 14 SuperFoods are:
  1. beans
  2. blueberries
  3. broccoli
  4. oats
  5. oranges
  6. pumpkin
  7. salmon
  8. soy
  9. spinach
  10. tea (green and black)
  11. tomatoes
  12. turkey (100% white meat)
  13. walnuts
  14. yogurt (not the sweetened kind that Americans eat, but the kind that has actual live cultures)

My mom swears by Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. We're type A's, and according to the book, we should avoid meat and dairy (along with kidney beans, lima beans and excess wheat) and focus on soy, vegetables and pineapple. (In addition to other foods.)
The author, a naturopathic physician and researcher, maintains that our blood type reflects our immunity, health and nutrition preferences and sensitivities. For my mother and me, he's spot-on. I have trouble with dairy -- I've been drinking soy milk since junior year of college and ice cream hurts my tummy -- and meat -- I get really sick from it.
Forgive me for climbing upon my soapbox, but I heart soy. It's an amazing plant, perhaps the most versatile food plant. Think about its wonders: It can replace almost any food in the pyramid.
Don't ask why, but once I thought "What plant would I choose if I had to live on just one for the rest of my life?" I'm odd like that. Soy, of course, was the answer.
Dairy: soy milk, soy "cheese," soy butter, soygurt, even Tofutti!
Meat: tempeh, tofu (soft and firm), TVP -- which can make any number of meat substitutes! Soft tofu can also be used instead of eggs to bind baked goods, and semifirm tofu can be "scrambled."
Vegetables: Soybeans
Grains: Soy flour
Fats: Soybean oil, soy margarine
Oh, and soy sauce. Plus it can be used for nonfood purposes.

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At 11 February, 2007 18:48 , Anonymous Nicole said...

Who sits down and thinks to themselves "If I had to live on only one plant for the rest of my life what would it be?"


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