Making every bite count

24 January 2007

wholly inappropriate, batman!

That would be drinking a bottle of wine on a Tuesday. Just say no to vino blanco, bambino! Oy! Tomorrow night I have an in-house interview with the big brother-big sisters group. Wish me luck. If there's wine involved, it will go better. I guess I should take out the recycling. there's like three empties in there. (I hosted a book club meeting. It wasn't all me. Though too much wine helped a recent date progress faster.)
I love you all. But I love me more. :) mwa ha ha
I fear I'm getting a cold.
p.s. eat your vegetables. good ones. corn, potatoes and canned green beans DON'T COUNT!!! cruciferous veggies help reduce the risk of a shit-ton(TM) of diseases. (I've trademarked the word shit-ton. It's mine. I own it.) Time for bed.

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