Making every bite count

29 May 2007

nobody's perfect

During the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, it's easy to overindulge. An ice-cream cone here, a pizza there, a romantic dinner, a night at the bar... add birthdays, a vacation and a few parties to the mix, and it's a recipe for disaster. I've gained five pounds, as has Fred. I have been so busy with him, work and volunteering that I haven't really exercised in a month. We've indulged a few too many times... I'm in need of a veggie and grain kick.
Sigh. I bought broccoli, and I've got both quinoa and amaranth in the fridge. I think it'll be a greens and grains week.


At 04 June, 2007 19:41 , Anonymous Katie said...

Your blog is a pretty blog with all the pictures of food on it!! I just started a serious diet (I'm really doing it right this time, I just bought all kinds of lettuce and vegetables and fruits at the grocery store today!!) so wish me luck!


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