Making every bite count

22 February 2007

I'm so happy!

This is great news. I heart Whole Foods. There's one around the corner from my parents' house in Columbus.
I hope this means that Wild Oats will have the cheese selection and the produce selection of Whole Foods.
I'm watching Alton Brown make curry sauce. I've been playing around the spices for the last few weeks, trying to perfect a curry recipe. I love Indian food, but I just can't get the ratios right. I guess if I want good Indian, I'll just have to keep going to Udipi. (By the way, I took Kristin there last night; she loved it. It's cheap and delicious.)
I just learned that the word curry comes from the word kari, meaning spice. "Good Eats" is so educational.
It's been a long week. I haven't eaten much more than spaghetti squash, spinach and chickpeas. Delicious, yes, healthful, yes, but I'm a bit tired and ready for something delicious...
Oh, and one night this week, I resorted to "fast food," Trader Joe's style: vegetable masala burgers. They're only 120 calories, but there's a bit too much fat for my liking. After potatoes, canola oil is the next ingredient. But, oh, with some rice (TJ's has a great black barley-brown rice-daikon radish seed mix) and some coriander chutney, yum! What a great, late-night dinner.

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