Making every bite count

25 March 2007

An experiment

I'm going to try eating completely vegan for an entire week, starting today. I'm trying to explore meatless, dairyless cuisine and branch out my recipe repertoire.
A rather large Sunday brunch

1 tofu omelette with scallions (200 calories) and 1 slice cheddar-jalapeno soy cheese (35 calories)
1 slice Ezekiel 49 bread (80 calories) with 1 t Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese (20 calories)
2 slices Morningstar Farms faux bacon (60 calories)
395 calories
And a word of advice. When handling turmeric, wear gloves or be very careful! I (temporarily) dyed my fingernails, a spatula and the counter a nice shade of neon yellow.

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