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06 March 2007

I heart the minimalist!

Did anyone try the uberpopular, no-fail, no-knead bread recipe in the NYT a few months ago? Well, the genius behind that method is Mark Bittman, aka the minimalist. A few ingredients, a few supplies and voila: Simple, great food.
A few weeks ago he featured the kitchen's most underappreciated appliance: the broiler. Essentially, Bittman says, the broiler is an indoor, temperature-controlled grill. I've experimented with his techniques a couple of times. The broiler and a castiron skillet produce the crispiest crust on fish and meat. The method is simple; the results are spectacularly crispy.
I've tried scallops, salmon and mahi-mahi using the skillet-broil method. Mash-ees-uh-yo! (delicious in Korean.)
First, turn on your broiler, and place a cast iron skillet inside. Heat for 10-15 minutes. Dry the meat/fish well to ensure maximum crust. Working quickly, drizzle some olive oil, then drop the fish/scallops/etc. Do not move the meat/fish once it is in the skillet. Expect some splatter. Place back under broiler. Times vary, but scallops take just a few minutes. Fish takes less than 10 minutes!
Long live the minimalist!

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