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11 July 2007

The Ethical Gourmet

This book, "The Ethical Gourmet," is one of my favorites right now. It's so chock full of info.

  • 70% of all h20 in the U.S. is used for growing feed/livestock.
  • Dagoba chocolate: Check it out -- organic and fair-trade chocolate.
  • Note to self: Eat more spelt, oat groats.
  • Focus on eating 1. organic local 2. local 3. organic 4. ethical methods
  • The first GM food was the FlavrSavr tomatoes in 1994. (They were later banned because research claimed they caused stomach lesions.)
  • GM food can cause unintended cross-pollination. Think about the impact it can have on helpful species that come in contact with GM species.
  • Corporations often own patents on seeds.
  • We really don't know the consequences of these foods!
  • Ex: Insect-resistant corn could hurt monarch butterflies.
  • A farmer in Candad was sued by Monsanto for accidental (wind-blown) cross-pollination.
  • GM seeds can't be saved. Many have a termination gene.
  • Breaking up the ground to till weeds is a major cause of soil erosion and greenhouse gases.
  • Look up: conservation tillage
  • in the 90s, they invented crops that were resistant to Roundup! 90% of soybeans are "Roundup ready"


At 01 August, 2007 03:51 , Blogger Suma said...

Appears very colorful and tasty...a great book...

suma valluru


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