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19 May 2008

I'm back

Much has changed in my life since I last posted. I've got a new job, a new apartment, a new fitness regime... I'm happy, really happy.
And I've been cooking like crazy.
However, I'm in desperate need of a new computer or more memory. My laptop is on its last leg. My camera battery is currently dead, and I don't know where the charger is at the moment. (ah, the joys of moving.)
So I'm back, but the better than ever part will have to wait.


At 20 May, 2008 01:09 , Blogger vb said...

I think change is a good thing. Congratulations on all the new stuff going on but more so on being happy. Did you take pictures of all that food you have been making?

At 22 May, 2008 10:48 , Blogger Obi-Mac BakDon said...

LOve your site. I am doing some work with Rejuv! an all-natural flaxseed and hull klignan supplement that is perfect for cooking and baking. Woud you mind adding to your side list once you check it out? (and if you like it and feel it is a benefit).

Wish I knew a good solution for the computer situation. I always hit craigslist. Sometimes people upgrade and just want someone to haul off their old one (and sometimes they are good just wanna wipe them first).

You have a nice eye for layout and use of art. I have bookmarked your site for my own personal education!
Best to you,

At 22 May, 2008 10:49 , Blogger Obi-Mac BakDon said...

oh...and disregard my silly profile pic..haha

At 23 May, 2008 11:35 , Anonymous Katie said...

Hey! I found a recipe I wanted to share with you and see if you think it's nutritionally as good as I thought it was:

Check that out! I made that last night, and it was delicious. I think you could also make it with quinoa instead of turkey if you wanted it to be totally vegetarian.

What say you to that?

At 23 May, 2008 11:37 , Anonymous Katie said...

cripe, the Web site doesn't appear to be showing correctly. Here it is again, with a space inserted so it breaks across the line:

At 23 May, 2008 12:35 , Blogger Obi-Mac BakDon said...

ry Katie still not working....shd I just go to the site and do a search?

At 24 May, 2008 09:16 , Anonymous Katie said...

Here is another Web site to share with you (this one decidedly unhealthy, but I think you can appreciate it for its baking creativity):

David (new beau) is friends with this chick!

At 26 May, 2008 10:49 , Blogger stepfanie said...

OOh, thanks, Katie. Love it. And that recipe looks great. I could make turkey ones for Fred. He'd be so happy to have meat. I like the idea of using quinoa.

At 26 May, 2008 10:50 , Blogger stepfanie said...

obi-mac bakdon: The computer situation isn't so grave. I deleted some old files, and it's working well enough. It's less about the money and more about finding the time to compare, shop, etc. :)


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