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03 December 2009

Le grand retour

Friends, I have been remiss. Alas, my day job is fully satisfying. 'Tis my dream: To be surrounded by fully supportive, wonderful people whose mission aligns completely with my moral and ethical code.

I sleep well.

Except for tonight.

Lately, my dear old blog has been neglected, as hass my creative spirit. I no longer photograph food. I come home from yoga, a run or the gym starving, like those damn vampires in the series I dislike so much. I am, as Heather so eloquently deemed it, hangry.

My food is quite often a mishmash of Mexican or a conglomeration of Korean foods. But it's good and plentiful. I miss sharing recipes and taking notes. I feel too cool for school after three summers of sniffing produce and feeling up tomatoes. Have I gone hard, like the supermarket produce that has once again begun to appear in my cart?

I vow to return. Weekly, or better. I'm good enough (better, actually), smart enough, and doggone it, people like, nay, love me.

It's time to prioritize, focus on me and share my good eats.

But first, I must learn how to photograph food to save my life.


At 04 December, 2009 07:42 , Blogger Katie said...

keep your camera in the kitchen!!!!


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