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15 July 2007

A kid at heart

I love to make messes. I love piles of odd things, gooey messes in the kitchen, quirky craft projects, arts projects that are destined to be left undone. I'm a kid at heart.
Lately I've been pursuing some strange culinary projects: One Saturday night a few weeks ago I made seitan. Yeah, so it took a whole bag of flour and about four hours. Then I simmered it in broth for a couple of hours, and it was a bit too tough. Do as all the smarter-than-I vegetarians and vegans out there do: Buy wheat gluten ready-made!
By the end of the night, Fred's kitchen was covered in starchy flour-water and sticky bits of gluten, and I was left with a pot full of "brains" as Fred and his friend John called it.
My next two projects are a bit less messy.
I bought soybeans at Whole Foods today. (I was in Columbus visiting my dad and seeing a friend, Erin, and her husband, who were in fro England.) Not edamame, but soybeans.
Guess what I'm going to make?
Tofu, yes, eventually. But tofu requires more equipment than I currently have. (molds, mostly)
I'm going to make my own soymilk. I'll soak the soybeans after I finish blogging. In a couple of days, I should have rich, creamy, delicious, fresh, homemade soymilk. Or I could have a giant mess of beany water.

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