Making every bite count

04 November 2007


Notice how I don't post for a couple of weeks, then I write a half-dozen postings at once? Yeah, me, too.
Thanksgiving is coming soon, and for a newly converted vegetarian, I'm a little sad. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday, but what will I do without turkey, stuffing, gravy and all the fixings!?
Thanksgiving at my mom's usually comprises:
turkey and gravy
mashed potatoes
deviled eggs
my sister Rachael's cranberry-orange relish
Gramma Penelope's bacon salad
Gramma Penelope's yeast rolls
and so on...
Well, it looks like my new Thanksgiving meal will be a few items short. I'm missing a main dish.
I'm not a woman who gives up easily.
So over the next few weeks, I'll be working on replicating those dishes. I've already made a pretty yummy turkey replacement.
Fred approved!


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