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04 November 2007

my second favorite breakfast lately!

In the summer, I ate oat bran and a sprinkling of flax seeds over plain, low-fat yogurt* and fresh or frozen berries.
I was addicted to berries, but I seem to have overloaded. That's actually beneficial because berries are out of season. I'm trying to stick to seasonal food for the most part. Sigh. I miss my green zebras!
Now, I'm into oatmeal. Warm, filling, stick-to-your-ribs oatmeal. And not that sissy, overly sweet, chalky, runny crap that an old man in a hat tries to pass off as oatmeal. Nope, I cook thick oats on the stove with a 50-50 mix of soymilk and water. No sugar, sometimes a drizzle of local honey or real maple syrup. Usually a handful of dried blueberries or other dried fruit.
On days when I'm running late, or when I need a late-night snack, I eat cereal. For months, a year even, I have sung the praises of Trader Joe's Soy and Flax Clusters. They're still fabulous, but now I'm into something retro, something I remember from my childhood.
(And, turns out that even then I somehow knew that dietary fiber was important. Fiber, people! Get your 25 grams daily! At least.) Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran was my No. 1 favorite cereal as a kid, no lie. (90 calories in 3/4 c; 5 g fiber!!! What kind of a kid loves Corn Bran? Me, that's who!)
Ever notice how long it takes me to get to the point. Well, the point is here:
I also loved Cinnamon Life as a kid. And Wheat Chex, the best of the three Chex. (Check the nutritional info. It's true!!)
Now I mix the two, because I feel somehow less devious by doing so.
Seriously, a not so bad-for-you treat. Either or both.
* Many nutrients need some fat to be absorbed into the body. That's why low-fat dairy is better than fat-free. Also, I hate the dry mouth feel of fat-free dairy.


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