Making every bite count

04 November 2007

can you believe it?

Check out those carrots. Wow-za!

The only reason I want to ever settle down and have a house is to have a vegetable garden where I can grow purple carrots, green tomatoes, blue potatoes and pink beans! Yes, there are yellow carrots. And they are organic. And they cost the same as the orange carrots did. They only had the "baby" version (actually whittled down big carrots), but I would eat them in any incarnation. They taste a little less intense than orange carrots, but they are delicious.

What's the difference between orange carrots and the others?
Red carrots derive their color mainly from lycopene [same pigment found in tomatoes], a type of carotene
believed to guard against heart disease and some cancers. Yellow carrots
accumulate xanthophylls, pigments similar to beta-carotene that support good eye
health. Purple carrots possess an entirely different class of
pigments—anthocyanins—which act as powerful antioxidants.


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