Making every bite count

04 January 2009

Time for a change.

Hello, old friend. Remember me? I'm the dedicated nutrition-focused foodie who started you all those years ago. I've neglected you. It's not you, it's me. My new job involves a great deal more writing than did my last job, though my last job was reporting at a busy daily newspaper. I write about and discuss food all day long. When I come home, I still cook, but I don't feel like writing about food. I'm putting you to rest, but I'll add new recipes to a different site, Find my recipes here.

I need to take a break from public or semipublic writing for awhile. I need to write for me. No one else. Princessveggie was fun, and I promise to return.

I will very infrequently post here, and I'll sometime be posting nonfood related blogs at

Love, Stepf