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15 July 2007

Birthday dinner planning

Fred's mom's birthday is tomorrow, and we're having her over for dinner, along with Fred's sister and her boyfriend.
His mom lived in Italy and Egypt for quite a few years, so I think we're going to do something Mediterranean-inspired.
But today, I stopped by an Indian grocer, so now I feel like I want to make something Indian. Hmm...
I experimented with a green chickpeas hummus this afternoon. Trader Joe's sells frozen green chickpeas, and I had a bag in the freezer. They taste a little more like peas than traditional chickpeas.
I think that tomorrow I'll make baked samosas with hummus inside. Yum!
Now for the rest of the meal... Hmm...

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At 16 July, 2007 08:52 , Blogger Magic Cochin said...

great name for your blog!

I grow rainbow chard - It really brightens up the veg lot and tastes good too!



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