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15 July 2007

Whole Foods envy

We have the fabulous Findlay Market here. Unfortunately, I slept really late yesterday and didn't have time to get there. Thankfully, I went to Columbus for the day.
I love my life here in Queen City, but I envy my parents' proximity to Whole Foods. A friend of an ex calls it "Whole Paycheck" because it's a foodie's paradise. I can't get out of there without spending at least $40. I load up on (preferably local and organic) produce, wine and bulk food when I visit my parents.
Today's trip yielded a plethora of goodies. I'm so excited for the upcoming week. I've got a lot of cooking to do!

(Above, left: Ohio-grown tomatoes! Yay!)

Pattypan (front) and crookneck yellow squash from an organic farm in Athens, Ohio.
Swiss chard (yum!) and dinosaur kale (below, right)

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